Passage Planning Principles - Second Edition

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December 2019
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This book covers the stages to be undertaken during the preparation of a passage plan. It outlines the necessary steps of appraisal, planning, execution and monitoring. Techniques to prepare and conduct the proposed passage are presented concisely and straightforwardly.

This publication and ‘Passage Planning Practice’, both by Abdul Khalique and Capt. Nadeem Anwar, provide a comprehensive, easy to follow guide and an excellent set of standards to be worked through. By providing checklists and a fully worked example, the authors have created a guide that builds upon the sound principles of passage planning and can be used in a real-life situation, providing a ‘job based’ training aid.

1 Passage Planning
1.1 The Requirement of Voyage/Passage Planning
1.2 Planning Principles
1.3 Planning Stages
Checklist Summary

2 Passage Planning with ECDIS
2.1 Requirements
2.2 Use of ECDIS
2.3 Appraisal Onwards
2.4 Planning Factors
2.5 ECDIS Set-up
2.6 Route Creation
2.7 Supplementary Information
2.8 Route Check
2.9 Monitoring
2.10 Sea Traffic Management (STM)
2.11 Autonomous Ships

3 Planning Toolbox
3.1 Wheel-over
3.2 Position Fixing Frequency
3.3 Abort and Point of No Return
3.4 Under Keel Clearance (UKC)
3.5 Squat
3.6 Landfall
3.7 Changing Charts
3.8 Ship’s Profile and Datum Shift
3.9 Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS)
3.10 Anchor Plan
3.11 Radar Horizon
3.12 Use of Tidal Streams
3.13 Tidal Predictions

4 Monitoring Techniques
4.1 Parallel Indexing (PI)
4.2 Precautions with Parallel Indexing
4.3 Visual Monitoring Techniques

Glossary and Bibliography


Appendix 1: Passage Planning Guidelines/Regulations
Appendix 2: Passage Plan Checklist
Appendix 3: Chartwork Legends
Appendix 4: Passage Plan Note Book
Appendix 5: Passage Plan Sheet

Number of Pages:
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Book Height:
300 mm
Book Width:
210 mm
0.4 kg
Published Date:
December 2019

Dr Captain Nadeem Anwar

Abdul Khalique