Witherby Connect



Witherby Connect is the maritime industry library accessible from your browser.

  • Created by Witherbys’ in house development team, Witherby Connect is an eBook reader which provides users with streamlined access to all major industry publications. 
  • The browser based hybrid software means that there is nothing to install and after publications are saved to the browser cache they can be accessed almost instantly both online and offline. 

The Benefits of Witherby Connect:

The following features make Witherby Connect the ideal eBook reader for use in the maritime industry:

icon2.jpgNo installation required
Witherby Connect is browser based hybrid software, meaning that it runs in web browsers, yet behaves like desktop software, with absolutely nothing to install.

icon3.jpgWorks on low connection speeds 
Ships with download speeds as low as 0.3 Mbps can access Witherby Connect while deep sea.

icon4.jpgAccess on multiple PCs/devices 
Witherby Connect is not limited to one device and can be accessed on any computer or tablet that is linked to the internet.

icon5.jpgUse on and offline
Witherby Connect provides flexible access. Publications can be viewed while connected to the internet and are downloaded to the browser’s cache for access offline, making it suitable for use even when internet access cannot be guaranteed.

icon1.jpgCyber secure
Designed with the new IMO requirements on cyber security in mind.

icon6.jpgReduced Bandwidth Use
eBooks can be downloaded in bulk in port and complex search is carried out online, reducing the size of the publications.

icon7.jpgComprehensive marine library
Access all major industry publications and guidance, instantly and easily.


How to Get Started with Witherby Connect:



Accessing your publications has never been easier. To purchase your eBooks for use on Witherby Connect visit the Witherbys website today. 

Contact us here if you have any questions about Witherby Connect 
or v
isit witherbyconnect.com for more information.




 How Witherby Connect Looks: 

Read our user manual for more information about how to use Witherby Connect and navigate the different pages here.

Download Library


The 'Download Library' section allows you to download the eBook file of the titles you have purchased to the cache of your browser. This makes the books available to use offline and means they will open near-instantaneously.

View Publications



When accessing publications on Witherby Connect users can print and copy limited extracts for reference as well as highlight text, leave comments and notes.

Library Search 


The impressive search capabilities on Witherby Connect under 'Library Search' allows you to search for a chosen term or phrase across all of your purchased books and browse through the results.

Any Questions? 

Contact us using this link or find more information here.