Ship Handling - Second Edition

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Published Date:
October 2022
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The book analyses all aspects of the manoeuvring features of ships on both open water and narrow waterways, with reference to the recommendations of the STCW Convention, which sets out the required manoeuvring abilities of helmsmen.

The book is divided into three sections. The first section describes the features of a ship and the different methods of manoeuvring it. The second section deals with the forces which influence the movement of a ship and the final section describes the factors which affect the ship during manoeuvres (mooring, sailing in shallows, manoeuvring in the docks, etc.). The emphasis is placed on external factors which can influence the manoeuvring characteristics of a ship. The initial approach is at a basic level, suitable for pilots in training, for example. The field of ship dynamics is then explored in more depth for seafarers with a greater knowledge of the subject.

The book is intended for both students in maritime education who are learning basic manoeuvring skills and seafarers with extensive manoeuvring experience who want to expand their knowledge in this field.

In 2012 the book was awarded the esteemed Grand Prize from the French national maritime society (L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime).




Introduction to manoeuvring

Chapter 1: The ship

Part 1 Characteristics and definition of the ship

Part 2 Manoeuvring gear

Part 3 The helm

Part 4 The propeller

Part 5 Bow and stern thrusters

Part 6 Other methods of propulsion

Chapter 2: Ship underway

Part 1 Vessel underway: Basic concepts

Part 2 Complementary concepts of ship hydrodynamics

Part 3 Wind effect on superstructure

Part 4 The influence of waves

Part 5 Turning

Chapter 3: Special manoeuvres

Part 1 Navigation in shallow water

Part 2 Navigating in rivers and in channels

Part 3 Mooring in open water

Part 4 Man overboard manoeuvres

Part 5 Ship stopping manoeuvres

Part 6 Towing

Part 7 Cooperation with pilots

Part 8 Dockside manoeuvring practice

Part 9 Manoeuvring training resources: simulation

Part 10 Regulations



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Number of Pages:
Book Height:
297 mm
Book Width:
210 mm

Hervé Baudu

Published Date:
October 2022
Publication Date:
October 2022