Ship Electrical Systems - Second Edition

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Published Date:
October 2022
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Ship Electrical Systems deals with all types of electrical installations on ships, from the basic design of the system to power generation, distribution to consumers, automation, remote control, nautical equipment and communication systems. Relevant work in the engine room and the bridge and the influence of the system are discussed.

The book is intended for use by those with a good knowledge of electrical systems on land or with a limited knowledge of electrical systems on ships. Onshore electrical systems are divided into power generation, power distribution, switching and distribution of low voltage and each system is dealt with by a specialist in that field. The technical officer responsible for the electrics on board will be required to understand the complete system. The book sets out some basic principles of electricity and describes the specific requirements for ships.

01. Preface

02. Basics of electricity

03. Basic design criteria

04. One-line diagram

05. Load balance

06. Mains voltage selection

07. Short circuit calculation

08. Circuit breakers, contactors and selectivity

09. Type approved equipment

10. Hazardous areas & IP ratings

11. AC sources

12. High voltage

13. Batteries

14. Hybrid systems

15. Emergency power

16. Switchboards

17. Parallel operation

18. Motors and starting devices

19. Transformers and converters

20. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

21. Electrical cabling

22. Automatic control systems

23. Alarm and monitoring systems

24. Nautical equipment

25. Communication systems

26. Safety systems

27. Lighting systems

28. Dynamic positioning

29. Special systems

30. Testing, Commissioning and classification

31. Maintenance

32. Appendices

33. Useful internet links

34. Index

35. Credits

Number of Pages:
Book Height:
297 mm
Book Width:
210 mm

Rene Borstlap and Hans Ten Katen

Published Date:
October 2022
Publication Date:
October 2022