Passage Planning Guide: Suez Canal - (2025-26 Edition)

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January 2025
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This Guide details the requirements and preparations for Masters and Navigating Officers on vessels intending to transit the Suez Canal.

Passage Planning Guide: Suez Canal (2025-26 Edition) is the most comprehensive operational and navigational guide to the Suez Canal.

A 3m 20s introduction to this new Guide for the Suez Canal is given in the following video issued by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) in January 2023 where Witherbys owners: Iain Macneil & Kat Heathcote met Senior Staff from the SCA onboard the Cunard Ocean Liner: 'QUEEN MARY 2'. This interview is from: 2:05 - 5:25 available to view here.

The goal for Ship Operators, Masters and the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), is that vessels arrive fully prepared to transit and with no unnecessary delays. This Guide will help operators achieve that goal.

This Guide provides emphasis on:

The documentary submissions required by the Master
the operational aspects of a transit of the Suez Canal
familiarisation and awareness with the various stages of the transit including the navigational elements and available contingencies.

Shipmasters are aware that a canal transit means a very long day and there are any number of potentials for stress, surprise and unexpected or unannounced occurrences. This Guide is the best available tool to prepare the Master and their officers for a successful transit, by instilling in them the knowledge and confidence necessary for proper preparation and the high level of situational awareness and readiness required for each stage of the transit.

Section 1 - Guidance Notes on the Suez Canal

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Suez Canal - Physical Details + Development

1.3 Vessels First Time Transit of the Suez Canal

1.4 Master's Responsibilities in Suez Canal

1.5 Procedure for Arriving Ships (Agents, Notification & Papers)

1.6 Chief Mate's Guidance - Operational Preparations

1.7 Chief Officer Preparation Checklist for Suez Canal

1.8 Fines and Additional Dues

1.9 Suez Canal Authority

1.10 Pilotage in the Suez Canal

1.11 Southbound Convoy (From Port Said)

1.12 Northbound Convoy (from Suez)

1.13 Reporting Requirements/Systems in the Region

1.14 Speed & Shiphandling in the Suez Canal

1.15 Guidance for OOW/Bridge Team in the Suez Canal

1.16 Suez Canal Mooring boats

1.17 Suez Canal Searchlight/Projector and Other lights

1.18 Use of Escort Tugs

1.19 Mooring

1.20 Local Traffic/Small Vessels in the Canal

1.21 Direction of Buoyage

1.22 Canal Distance Markers

1.23 Currents, Tidal Streams, Tides & Weather


1.25 Security in the Canal

1.26 Signals, Lights and Markers in the Suez Canal

1.27 Action in Emergencies

Section 2 - Southbound Transit of Suez Canal

Section 3 - Northbound Transit of Suez Canal

Section 4 - Suez Declarations Required for Ships Transiting the Suez Canal


Witherbys titles are developed using scripts developed by technical experts that are peer reviewed within work groups. Typically, they seek to improve understanding of the regulations, recommendations and guidelines issued by Industry.

Witherbys staff have significant expertise in the fields of navigation and hazardous cargoes as well as in the presentation of complex subjects in a graphic and easy to understand manner.

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
January 2025
Book Height:
300 mm
Book Width:
210 mm
1.1 kg
Publication Date:
January 2025

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