Marine Insurance Volume 3: Hull Practice, 2nd Edition

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July 1993
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This publication examines and analyses hull insurance risks and leading hull clauses issued by the Institute of London Underwriters. This second edition is a complete revision of the first edition and encompasses a much wider range of subjects.

This publication relates to English law and has been revised to reflect the changes in insurance practice that took place when the SG form of policy was replaced by the MAR form and associated new Institute clauses. However, it retains material from the first edition that is of value to markets where the SG form of policy, and relevant hull insurance conditions, are still in use.

This second edition also examines the structural and procedural changes effected since publication of the first edition, including the introduction of LIMNET (London Insurance Market Network), the restructure of Lloyd’s into a ‘single’ market and changes in placing and claims procedures.

Chapter I – Introduction to Merchant Ships

Chapter II – Insurable Interest in Hull Practice

Chapter III – Effecting the Hull Insurance Contract

Chapter IV – Premiums, Premium Settlement and Return Premiums

Chapter V – Hull Policies and Marine Policy Construction

Chapter VI – Franchises and Deductibles

Chapter VII – Cover for Loss of or Damage to Ship

Chapter VIII – Marine Perils and the SG Form of Policy

Chapter IX – Marine Perils and the MAR Form of Policy

Chapter X – Perils Excluded from a Marine Policy

Chapter XI – Minimising Loss — Sue & Labour

Chapter XII – General Average and Salvage

Chapter XIII – Marine Insurance Warranties and Navigation

Chapter XIV – Duration of Cover in Hull Voyage Policies and Other Matters Concerning Hull Voyage Policies

Chapter XV – Duration of Cover in Hull Time Policies

Chapter XVI – Shipowner’s Liability Insurance

Chapter XVII – Hull & Machinery — Limited Terms Insurance

Chapter XVIII – Hull Interest Insurances

Chapter XIX – Insurance of Hull War and Strikes Risks

Chapter XX – Hull & Machinery — Port Risks and Builders’ Risks

Chapter XXI – Freight at Risk Insurance

Chapter XXII – Analysis of American Hull Clauses and Clauses Related Thereto

Chapter XXIII – Analysis of Institute Hull Clauses

Chapter XXIV – Yacht Insurance

Chapter XXV – Hull Claims (Part One) Underlying Principles and Practice

Chapter XXVI – Hull Claims (Part Two) Personnel and Procedures

Chapter XXVII – Hull Claims (Part Three) General Matters Concerning Hull Claims

Chapter XXVIII – Hull Claims (Part Four) Basic Claim Calculations (Repair Costs, etc)

Chapter XXIX – Hull Claims (Part Five) Basic Claim Calculations (Liabilities)

Appendix A – Marine Insurance Act, 1906

Appendix B – York-Antwerp Rules, 1974

Appendix C – Rules of Practice, 1986 (amended 1992)

Appendix D – Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1971

Appendix E– Hamburg Rules, 1978

Appendix F – Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1992

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
July 1993
Binding Format:
Book Height:
225 mm
Book Width:
143 mm
1.8 kg

Robert H Brown