Marine Insurance Claims - Third Edition

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December 1996
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This is the classic guide to marine insurance claims, explaining the principles in detail, with reference to relevant case law and statutes. For ease of reference, the appendices contain commonly used insurance legislation, rules and documentation.

This 1,400 page publication is the complete source of reference for the insurance practitioner.

As well as covering the fundamentals of marine insurance claims, it also examines the changes to British and international shipping law since publication of the previous edition. This includes the controversial Oil Pollution Act passed by the United States, two revisions of Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Agreement, a new set of York-Antwerp Rules, amendments to the Institute Hull and Freight Clauses, and the Merchant Shipping Act, 1995.

I – The Claims Scene

II – Formation of the Contract

III – Sundry Considerations

IV – The Duty of Care

V – The Policy Form

VI – The Marine Adventure

VII – Included and Excluded Losses

VIII – The Maritime Perils

IX – Cargo Clauses – Particular Average

X – Measure of Indemnity – Partial Loss of Cargo

XI – Clauses for Special Trades

XII – Documentation of Cargo Claims (PA): Modern Modes of Transport

XIII – Particular Average on Ship – The Reasonable Cost of Repairs

XIV – Particular Average on Ship – Institute Time Clauses (Hulls)

XV – Unrepaired Damage – An Historical Review

XVI – Function of the Average Adjuster

XVII – Introduction to Freight Claims

XVIII – The Running Down Clause

XIX – Further Consideration of Shipowners’ Liabilities
XX – Salvage

XXII – Yachts and Sailing Dinghies

XXII – Features of General Average

XXIII – General Average – Sacrifice and Expenditure

XXIV – General Average – Made Good and Contributory Values

XXV – General Average in Practice

XXVI – General Average in Relation to Marine Policies

XXVII – Total Loss

XXVIII – Abandonment and Subrogation

XXIX – Recoveries from Cargo Carriers

XXX – Recoveries from Rail and Road Carriers

XXXI – Reinsurance Recoveries

XXXII – War and Strikes

Appendix A – Marine Insurance Act, 1906

Appendix B – Statute relating to Limitation of Liability (Merchant Shipping Acts)

Appendix C – Maritime Conventions Act, 1911

Appendix D – York-Antwerp Rules, 1994 contrasted with York-Antwerp Rules, 1974

Appendix E – Association of Average Adjusters’ Rules of Practice

Appendix F – Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Agreement, 1980

Appendix G – Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Agreement, 1990 together with Procedural Rules

Appendix H – Lloyd’s Standard Form of Salvage Agreement, 1995

Appendix I – Sections from the Merchant Shipping (Salvage and Pollution) Act, 1994 (now incorporated into the Merchant Shipping Act, 1995) as related to the International Convention on Salvage, 1989

Appendix J – Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924

Appendix K – Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1971

Appendix L – Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1992

Appendix M – The Hamburg Rules

Appendix N – Carriage of Goods by Road Act, 1965

Appendix O – Unfair Contract Terms Act, 1977

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
December 1996
Binding Format:
Book Height:
250 mm
Book Width:
175 mm
0.3 kg

J. Kenneth Goodacre