International SafetyNET Services Manual (2022 Edition) (KD908E)

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March 2022
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SafetyNET is an international automatic direct-printing satellite-based service for the promulgation of maritime safety information including navigational warnings and meteorological information and other urgent safety-related messages to ships, as well as search and rescue related information, and fulfils an integral role in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

This edition of the Manual, renamed the International SafetyNET Services Manual, incorporates changes introduced to the Inmarsat satellite network and services including the Inmarsat Fleet Safety service, which has been recognized as a mobile satellite service for use in the GMDSS by adoption of resolution MSC.450(99).


1 General information

2 SafetyNET services

3 General features of the Inmarsat EGC system

4 Planning of new SafetyNET EGC services

5 Changes to existing SafetyNET services

6 Operation of International SafetyNET Services

7 Promulgation of MSI- or SAR-related information

8 Message formatting and C codes for SafetyNET

9 Monitoring of MSI- and SAR-related broadcasts

10 Accessing SafetyNET services

11 Land earth station functions

12 Receiving SafetyNET services broadcasts

13 Charges for SafetyNET services

Annex 1 The Inmarsat system

Annex 2 Operational guidance for SafetyNET services

Part A Navigational warning services

Part B Meteorological services

Part C Search and rescue services and SAR coordination traffic

Part D Piracy countermeasures broadcast messages

Part E Repetition codes (C4)

Annex 3 Enhanced group call receiver specifications – Inmarsat C and mini-C

Annex 4 Operational guidance for SafetyNET II and RescueNET

Annex 5 Enhanced group call receiver specifications – Fleet Safety

Annex 6 Procedure for amending the International SafetyNET Services Manual

Related information

IMO Enhanced Group Call Coordinating Panel (MSC.1/Circ.1635)

Annex 1 IMO Enhanced Group Call Coordinating Panel

Annex 2 Authorization, certification and registration

of enhanced group call information providers

Annex 3 Procedure for amendment

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
March 2022
Book Height:
0 mm
Book Width:
0 mm
Publication Date:
March 2022