IAMSAR Manual, Volume III (2022 Edition) - Mobile Facilities (KK962E)

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April 2022
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The Mobile Facilities volume is intended to be carried on board rescue units, aircraft and vessels to help with the performance of a search, rescue or on-scene coordinator function and with aspects of search and rescue that pertain to their own emergencies.

IMO MSC-MEPC.2/Circ.2 stipulates that International Code of Signals and IAMSAR Manual Volume III are for emergency use and should always be available on board ships in the form of hard copy.

A new edition of the IAMSAR Manual is published every three years. The 2022 edition includes amendments, adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and approved by the Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at its 103rd session in May 2021 by means of MSC.1/Circ.1640, which become applicable on 1 June 2022.

v. Foreword

vii. Abbreviations and acronyms

xiii. Glossary

1-i. Section 1 Overview of the SAR system

2-i. Section 2 Distress alerts and messages

3-i. Section 3 Medical assistance

4-i. Section 4 Vessel emergencies at sea

5-i. Section 5 Aircraft emergencies

6-i. Section 6 Initial action by assisting vessels

7-i. Section 7 Initial action by assisting aircraft

8-i. Section 8 On-scene communications

9-i. Section 9 On-scene coordinator

10-i. Section 10 Multiple aircraft SAR operations

11-i. Section 11 Aircraft coordinator

12-i. Section 12 Searching

13-i. Section 13 Rescue action plan

14-i. Section 14 Rescue or assistance by vessels

15-i. Section 15 Rescue or assistance by aircraft

16-i. Section 16 Vessel/helicopter operations

17-i. Section 17 Underwater search and rescue

18-i. Section 18 Rescue on land

19-i. Section 19 Intercepts

20-i. Section 20 Survivors

21-i. Section 21 Deceased persons

22-i. Section 22 Public relations

23-i. Section 23 Training

A-1. Appendix A Regulation V/33 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974

B-1. Appendix B Search action message

C-1. Appendix C Factors affecting observer effectiveness

D-1. Appendix D Standard format for search and rescue situation report (SITREP)

E-1. Appendix E SAR briefing and debriefing form

F-1. Appendix F Multiple aircraft SAR operations

Action cards

A??s a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.

In other words, its role is to create a level playing-field so that ship operators cannot address their financial issues by simply cutting corners and compromising on safety, security and environmental performance. This approach also encourages innovation and efficiency.

Shipping is a truly international industry, and it can only operate effectively if the regulations and standards are themselves agreed, adopted and implemented on an international basis. And IMO is the forum at which this process takes place.

Number of Pages:
Book Height:
230 mm
Book Width:
197 mm
1.2 kg


Published Date:
April 2022
Publication Date:
April 2022