Anchoring Systems and Procedures

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October 2010
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This publication provides recommendations and guidance on safe operation and satisfactory performance of anchoring systems, including design considerations, operating procedures and routine maintenance. It is applicable to anchoring systems and procedures on all types of ship, irrespective of size.

Following an increase in the number of incidents involving anchor losses, windlass motor failures and associated personnel injuries, OCIMF revised and updated the original 1982 publication to highlight the lessons learnt from incidents, provide improved information on anchoring practices and recognise advances made in anchor systems. The publication assesses the design capabilities and limitations of anchoring systems and equipment with the aim of enhancing the safety of operations.

Section 1
Purpose and Scope

Section 2
Issues Associated with Anchoring Systems and Procedures

Section 3
General Description of Anchoring Systems
3.1 Anchoring System
3.2 Anchors
3.3 Chain Cable
3.4 Hawse Pipe
3.5 Anchor Lashing
3.6 Chain Stopper
3.7 Windlass
3.8 Drive Units
3.9 Windlass Control Systems
3.10 Spurling Pipe and Chain Locker

Section 4
Design Considerations
4.1 Design Standard
4.2 Design Philosophy of Anchoring Equipment
4.3 Environmental Forces Acting on a Ship at Anchor
4.4 Anchors
4.5 Chain Cable
4.6 Chain Stopper
4.7 Windlass
4.8 Testing of Anchor Equipment and Systems
4.9 Interface Between Ship Structure and Anchoring Equipment
4.10 Arrangement of Equipment
4.11 Additional Equipment

Section 5
Operational Procedures
5.1 Anchoring Procedures
5.2 Maintaining an Anchor Watch
5.3 Getting Underway
5.4 Use of Anchors in an Emergency

Section 6
Maintenance Issues
6.1 Routine Maintenance
6.2 Surveys and Inspections During Refit

A An Example of Typical Planned Maintenance Activities
B An Example of Typical Refit Inspection, Survey and Maintenance Activities
C Example Certification for Anchor Chain Cable and Chain Cable Fittings

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
October 2010
Binding Format:
Book Height:
304 mm
Book Width:
214 mm
0.6 kg

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