Oilfield Seamanship Series. Rescue Towing - 2nd Edition

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Published Date:
January 2022
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This book has been written to provide the Master of a tug with essential knowledge and techniques that can be applied when connecting a tug to a MODU which requires rescue towing, or a vessel requiring a tow within an oilfield. Previously published by Clarkson Research Services Ltd.

The purpose of this book is to provide practical seamanship guidance to Masters and crews of salvage, anchor handling and other tugs planning and conducting rescue towage within, and in close proximity to, oilfields. The personnel and crew serving on vessels and MODUs within oilfields will also learn how tugs operate during rescue towage. When planning for contingencies, both from a shoreside and a vessel perspective, this publication will assist in providing an overview of methods available for reconnection and other options that vessels find most practicable. Rescue towing in the context of this publication includes reconnection by a tug to a towed object when the original towline is broken, assisting another tug that has lost control of its tow, when additional tow power is required or when towage services can be offered to a vessel or unit requiring the services of a tug to avoid marine peril. This is not a definitive guide for professional salvors.

Foreword Introduction

Notes on Units of Measurement

1. Phases of the Rescue Operation

Information Required by the Tug Master

Contingency Planning

Assessment of Conditions

Connecting the Tow

Getting Underway and Management of the Tow

Tow Management in Heavy Weather

Guidance for Tow Masters/Masters of Towed Objects in an Oilfield

2. Safety and Communication




Log Keeping

3. Tug Types and Equipment

Salvage Tugs

Anchor Handling Tugs

Small Seagoing Tugs/Multi-purpose Tugs

Harbour Tugs

Towing Wires, Ropes, Pennants and Other Equipment

4. MODU Rescue Tows

Semi-submersible Drilling Rigs and Accommodation Units

Rescue Towage – Jackup Rigs


5. Vessel Connection Methods

Oilfield Hazards

Transferring a Connection Across to an object to be towed

Securing Tow Gear on the Casualty

Oil Tankers

6. Barge Reconnection and Recovery Methods

Connecting Emergency Tow Gear

Emergency Towing Systems – Unmanned Tows

Fishing the Main Gear

Reconnecting Main Gear

Barge Emergency Anchor Release Systems (BEAR)

7. Legal Considerations

8. Responsibilities

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

Tow Masters

Tug Masters

Glossary of Terms

Number of Pages:
Book Height:
297 mm
Book Width:
210 mm
0.9 kg

Michael Hancox.  Revised by: Thomas Feakins,

Published Date:
January 2022