INTERTANKO Safety Management Initiatives in Shipping

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This publication by INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee supplements the requirements contained in Chapter IX of SOLAS and the ISM Code. It outlines a range of safety management initiatives available to shipping companies and examines how they may be applied to improve safety performance. It also discusses the concepts, terminologies and practices of safety management.

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The ISM Code sets out the requirement for shipping companies to have in place a safety management system, but does not stipulate the method for achieving satisfactory safety performance. INTERTANKO’s Human Element in Shipping Committee, which is responsible for promoting and disseminating best practice in the management of people and safety in the tanker industry, compiled this publication to assist companies improve safety performance and meet the regulatory requirements.

It defines the terminology and concepts of safety management in the maritime industry, focusing on terms and concepts often used and confused, and reviews a range of tools and techniques for evaluating safety performance. It also explains the fundamental components of the most common safety management initiatives implemented in the maritime industry and evaluates their effectiveness and limitations.

1. Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.2 Structure of the Publication

2. Terminology and Concepts
2.1 Safety Management Systems
2.2 High Reliability Organisations
2.3 Safety Culture and Safety Climate
2.4 Safety Maturity

3. Measuring Safety Performance
3.1 Safety Outcomes
3.2 Quality Management
3.3 Audits

4. Safety Management Initiatives
4.1 Safety Climate Surveys
4.2 Behavioural-based Safety Management
4.3 Crew Resource Management Training
4.4 Post-incident Reviews
4.5 Safety Incentive Schemes
4.6 Leading Indicators of Safety

5. Conclusion

INTERTANKO (the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners) is a trade association that has served as the voice for independent tanker owners since 1970, representing the interests of its Members at national, regional and international levels.

The organisation champions an industry dedicated to support global energy networks by delivering safe, efficient and environmentally sound transport services.

INTERTANKO actively works on a wide range of operational, technical, legal and commercial issues affecting tanker owners and operators around the world. It draws on regular and direct contact with its Members and other industry stakeholders to develop and disseminate information and best practice, essential to the tanker industry.

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