In Command: 200 things I wish I'd known before I was Captain

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September 2007
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Entertainingly written by Captain Michael Lloyd, and drawing on his own extensive experiences from 50 years at sea (retiring in 2007), this book will amuse, provoke and inform on the subject of commanding a ship.

This book provides insight into the challenges faced by the new Captain. Scattered throughout with checklists, 'must do' lists and 'whatever you do, don't forget' lists, the book manages to be both useful and highly readable.


1 Shipping Companies
2 Joining the Ship
3 Relationships
4 Sailing
5 At Sea
6 Your Ship
7 Ship Management
8 Discipline
9 Safety
10 Difficult Circumstances
11 Collisions
12 Man Overboard
13 Welfare
14 Communications, Letters and Reports
15 Surveys and Inspections
16 Breakdowns
17 Helicopter Operations
18 Stowaways
19 Passengers
20 Ethics
21 Portage Accounts, Budgets and Stores
22 Ocean Routeing
23 Weather Conditions and Ship Handling
24 Drydock
25 Port Entry
26 Anchoring
27 Arrival at the Port
28 In the Port
30 The Final Word

Michael started his career on the training ship HMS Conway and went to sea as a Cadet with P&O. He was promoted to Master on a deep sea tow vessel at the age of 32. He then commanded a wide variety of ships including general cargo, passenger, reefer, heavy lift, container, bulk carriers, anchor handlers, supply vessels, response and rescue vessels in the north sea, oil field support vessels in Nigeria and middle trade multi-purpose vessels in the Black Sea and the Baltic.

Michael retired from the sea in March 2007 after 50 years seagoing and 35 years in command.

Michael served 35 years in the Royal Naval Reserve and for 10 years he represented shipmasters on the Council of Numast. He is a Fellow of the Nautical Institute and a Younger Brother of Trinity House.

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
September 2007
Binding Format:
Book Height:
240 mm
Book Width:
160 mm
0.6 kg

Captain Michael Lloyd

Publication Date:
September 2007