ECDIS CPD - A personal record of qualifications, service and training including preparation for ECDIS exams

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December 2019
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This record book provides the means to document ECDIS qualifications, service and training, including preparation for exams and assessments.

This record book covers ECDIS continuous professional development (CPD) and allows the user to document their ECDIS qualifications, service and training. It also includes:

  • revision questions that cover IMO 1.27 ECDIS exams and STCW Competency Exams
  • onboard ECDIS familiarisation checklists
  • a log of onboard competency in ECDIS.

This record book supersedes ECDIS Record of Training and Familiarisation (2016) and ECDIS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log (2014).

This record book supersedes ‘ECDIS Record of Training and Familiarisation’ (2016) and ‘ECDIS Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Log’ (2014).

This record book has two purposes.

  • It is your definitive career record of ECDIS qualifications and experience.
  • It will guide you through all your career exams on ECDIS including promotional assessment, STCW exams, oral exams and ship inspections.

With over 30 ECDIS systems on the market you will work on different ECDIS systems at various stages of your career and it is likely that you will need to operate multiple software versions from the same manufacturer. On board ship you will need to record experience and qualifications as part of your documentary evidence of ECDIS use and refresh yourself with these systems in the future.

To use this book correctly it is vital that you record for every type specific make and model you work with and where possible keep a copy of your qualification inside this book. Before attending any navigation training courses, exams, or inspections ensure you review the appropriate section within this book.

In the future you may be asked to provide evidence of your experience. This is often when being interviewed to join a new company/ship, as part of a promotion process or during ship inspections. Therefore, keeping this record book up to date and ready for presentation is of importance for your career.

Documenting your ECDIS related experience and certification in addition to taking the time to learn and complete the self assessment tests in this record book will contribute towards creating a comprehensive record of your ECDIS experience, ECDIS qualifications and continued professional development.


Foreword by UK Chamber of Shipping

About ECDIS Ltd

1. Record of ECDIS Training and Experience

Table 1 Practical Experience of ECDIS at Sea

Table 2 Record of Generic ECDIS Training

Table 3 Record of Type-Specific ECDIS Training

Table 4 Record of Onboard ECDIS Familiarisation Training

Table 5 Advanced and Other ECDIS Courses

Table 6 ECDIS Computer-Based Training (CBT)

2. IMO 1.27 ECDIS Exams

3. Questions on ECDIS that are known to have been asked during STCW Competency Exams or during Onboard Audits

4. Onboard ECDIS Familiarisation Training

5. Multiple Choice and Consolidation Test

6. Log of Onboard Competency in ECDIS


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Published Date:
December 2019