Ship Stability Mates/Masters - 1st Edition

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Published Date:
December 2003
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Aimed at students studying for deck officer certificates of competency, this book is based on the ship stability syllabus for STCW’95 Chief Mate/Master Reg II/2 (Unlimited). It includes a full set of IMO compliant stability data.

The author of this book is a well known lecturer on the subject of ship stability. The book has been written in a style that is easy to read and steps the student through the subject in a logical manner.

This book of the CD-Rom Software of the same name is aimed at students studying for professional merchant navy deck officer certificates of competency. Ship Stability for Mates/Masters covers the syllabus requirements for the current Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Examination (conducted on behalf of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA)) up to STCW Chief Mate/Master Reg. II/2 (Unlimited) standard. It also covers the content of HND Ship Stability Units being currently offered by UK colleges as part of the underpinning knowledge required for certification to Officer of the Watch (OOW) and Chief Mate Levels (STCW 95). Because this text is likely to be used by students not serving on UK registered ships, or who might be attending non-UK college courses, IMO regulations requirements are also quoted where appropriate in addition to the MCA requirements.

1.?? Basic Principles
?? 2.?? Form Coefficients
?? 3.?? Tonnes Per Centimetre Immersion
?? 4.?? Introduction to Load Lines
?? 5.?? Centre of Gravity (G) and Centre of Buoyancy (B)
?? 6.?? Introduction to Transverse Statical Stability
?? 7.?? Conditions of Stability
?? 8.?? Initial Transverse Metacentre
?? 9.?? Free Surface Effect
?? 10. Curves of Statical Stability (GZ Curves)
?? 11. List
?? 12. Introduction to Trim
?? 13. Suspended Weights
?? 14. Assessing Compliance of a Ship's Loaded Condition with IMO Criteria
?? 15. Curves of Statical Stability for Varying Conditions of Stability
?? 16. The Wall Sided Formula
?? 17. Factors Affecting GZ Curve Shape
?? 18. The International Grain Code (IMO)
?? 19. Inclining Experiment
?? 20. Trim Using Hydrostatic Data
?? 21. Dry Docking
?? 22. Bilging
?? 23. Angle of Heel due to Turning
?? 24. Wind Heeling, Ice Accretion and Rolling
?? 25. Stability Problems Associated with Specific Ship Types
?? 26. Calculation and Assignment of Freeboard
?? 27. Shear Forces and Bending Moments in Ships
?? 28. Practical Ship Loading Problems?

Martin Rhodes, the author of this book, is a well-known lecturer on the subject of ship stability. The book is written in an accessible and easy to read style, guiding students through the subject in a logical manner.


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Witherbys staff have significant expertise in the fields of navigation and hazardous cargoes as well as in the presentation of complex subjects in a graphic and easy to understand manner.

Number of Pages:
Published Date:
December 2003
Book Height:
250 mm
Book Width:
170 mm
1.9 kg

Martin Rhodes

Publication Date:
December 2003