Regulatory Primer for Mates & Masters: Questions and Answers Covering Current and New Regulations, 10th Edition 2019/2020

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This edition has been substantially revised and expanded to include questions on regulations that came into force in 2019. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Recent amendments to SOLAS, including LSA and FFE requirements
  • Recent amendments to MARPOL
  • Updates to MLC and STCW
  • Security questions, including the ISPS Code
  • Port State Control
  • Ship certificates and recordkeeping
  • Explanation of the principal IMO Codes and Conventions
  • Ballast water management
  • Cargo-related questions
  • Salvage and place of refuge.

Cargo Related Questions

  1. Bulk Cargoes and Carriers
  2. Tankers and Liquid/Gas Cargoes
  3. General Cargoes and Offshore

Equipment Related Questions

  1. Life-Saving Appliances
  2. Fire-Fighting Equipment
  3. SOLAS General Questions and Other Equipment

Environment Related Questions

  1. Pollution Prevention and MARPOL
  2. Ballast Water Management

Security Questions

  1. General Security
  2. Piracy
  3. Stowaways

Crew Related Questions

  1. Training and STCW
  2. Maritime Labour Convention

General Law Related Questions

  1. EU and UK Regulations
  2. Polar Code
  3. Port State Control
  4. General Questions – Other Conventions and Codes
  5. General Questions – Miscellaneous

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January 2020
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